Cancerous Womb – It Came to This

Cancerous_Womb_It_Came_To_This_Artwork_ I’ve always dabbled into grind metal every now and then to maybe somehow ease myself into the genre much like I did with death and black metal, but a lot of times its to no avail. This is possibly the very first time where I listened to an album with such clear grind influence in its sound alone that may be the album I needed to hopefully get into the style.

Cancerous Womb . . . the name itself even sounds grind to me and is normally a big fuckin’ sign that says “beware” to people like me who aren’t normally into the genre, but I bit the bullet and decided to investigate. What this band’s upcoming EP, “It Came to This”, is though is actually a piece of death/grind that makes it much easier for me to get into because I’m very into death metal so we’re already half way there, right? For the most part, yeah. The four tracks of this record show a fantastic mixture of death and grind metal to the degrees of where you’re at a pretty good medium between the two and then you have Cancerous Womb just go full grind for half the album to really cut loose and show how raw they can truly be. While there is form to be had in “It Came to This” you can’t deny that it is a massively chaotic, yet at the same time strangely satisfying even if you’re like me and not catered to grind all that often. But in the end there’s plenty to enjoy out of this EP whether it be the sheer raw aggressive power or the maddening sound of the vocals, and anyone who likes their shit taken to extremes will definitely find their place with Cancerous Womb.

A piece that might have just possibly opened up a whole new genre for me, I cannot help but feel at the very least appreciation for “It Came to This”, for it’s insane, raw, and aggressively awesome in ways that only grind can pull off.

“It Came to This” releases on July 5th!

LISTEN to the track “Isolation Frenzy” on Bandcamp here, or via YouTube below.

LIKE Cancerous Womb on Facebook here.

FOLLOW Cancerous Womb on Twitter : @CancerousWomb


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