-(16)- – Lifespan of a Moth

lifespan_3000 Relapse Records have been known for taking in bands that show massive amounts of talent in the most unlikely of places. Inter Arma and Iron Reagan being two prime examples, we have another band I’ve never heard of but have been around for ages, and Relapse have the once again shown their genius by allowing -(16)- to give us the most impressive sludge metal album we’ve seen for quite a while.

Don’t be like me and allow the odd looking cover art begin to influence your opinion about the album before even listening to it. What you need to do is just dive head first into “Lifespan of a Moth” and find that past its somewhat flamboyant cover is an extremely heavy and aggressive piece that pulls no punches whatsoever. This album is a solid eight tracks of  forty plus minutes of sheer intensity the likes of which you could only find in sludge metal, and being a band for just about 25 years is nothing to scoff at as experience can make the difference in the records the band puts out. “Lifespan of a Moth” is a glorious example of such. From the names of the songs themselves to the lyrics themselves are all sufficiently brutal that if anyone who wants their metal to be absolutely gritty and bloody for maximum shock value, -(16)- have definitely nailed that sound to a peak in “Lifespan of a Moth” to where the instrumental track, “Gallows Humor”, is a real sucker punch even without a mad vocals assaulting you. Throw together a real satisfying crunch along with some bloody knuckles and a leave-no-survivors attitude, and you’ve got the foundation of the magnificence that is “Lifespan of a Moth”.

Gathering together everything great about sludge metal that has been throughout the decades, -(16)- take everything to an extremely entertaining level with their seventh full length album that in no way will leave the listener disappointed. Unless you’ve got a big ol’ stick up your ass, that is.

“Lifespan of a Moth” releases on July 15th!

PRE-ORDER “Lifespan of a Moth” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to two tracks off “Lifespan of a Moth” on Bandcamp here.

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FOLLOW -(16)- on Twitter : @16theband


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