Sabaton – The Lost Battalion (single)

Sabaton_The_Last_Stand_4000px Sabaton are one of those bands that has a theme that isn’t all that original, but they just make it work so well that you couldn’t think of a better combination of war stories and power metal in the entire universe as Sabaton is the best and only answer to such a concoction, and people know that. So when these Swedes put out this new single off their new album, you could hear the squeal of excitement come out of hundreds of thousands of fans.

This is arguably the best song I’ve ever heard Sabaton put out. Mind you, I’m a very loose fan of this band, but I’ve heard all of their albums and enjoy a good bit of them and that, naturally, includes their more popular songs. “The Lost Battalion” is an anthem of a song the likes of which I’ve never seen Sabaton to before, at least not to such a high degree as this. Within four minutes, Sabaton manage to create one hell of an experience that sticks very true to the reputation that they’ve made for themselves and show that they could have possibly been in the best mindset of their career when making “The Last Stand”. That’s a huge jump to conclusion, I’m aware, but when a band like this generally puts out a kick ass song such as “The Lost Battalion” it’s a sign of many good things to come, for sure.

I’ve got faith in these gentlemen, however, and “The Lost Battalion” tells of great things that might be coming from “The Last Stand”, but we can only wait now. Fingers crossed we get what could possibly be the best Sabaton album to date.

“The Last Stand” releases on August 19th!

PRE-ORDER “The Last Stand” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to “The Lost Battalion” via YouTube here or below.

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