Morrow – Covenant of Teeth

a2805384768_10 For some bands, being heavy just isn’t enough for them. Even if their base sound is already pretty fucking solid and could draw in a fair sized crowd without needed any sort of further tweaking, there are those who wish to go further above and beyond, but only a few are able to successfully do so. Morrow are definitely one such band and their latest album is irrefutable proof of that fact.

You may have noticed that I’m categorizing “Covenant of Teeth” as a doom metal album, and I don’t plan to go back on that as I firmly believe that there is a strong doom presence in the album whether it be intended or not. Where I’m going with this is that the record is much more than that as Morrow classify themselves as “emo crust”, and please don’t ask me to define that because I’ve no idea where to even start to look for an answer, but sure why the fuck not. While the word “emo” alone is enough to push a lot of people away, let me just say that you will not want to put “Covenant of Teeth” aside because its sheer heaviness and constantly shifting tones add so many enjoyable layers to the album that it’s difficult to describe without you knowing what it sounds like. And you might be confused when you see “Covenant of Teeth” has a mere four tracks, and that’s where the doom comes in for me as the album itself easily clocks over a half hour with several sets of haunting vocals, crushing guitars, a shattering bass, apocalyptic drums from hell, and even a cello to add yet another delicious layer that we never saw coming, and I fucking love it. So much comes together seamlessly with this record that even after listening to it twice back to back I still can’t fully wrap my head around how this came to be. An ominous piece with moments of sheer bewilderment and astonishment, Morrow is destined to put out smashing releases I can tell, but I fear they may be one of those sleeper hits that don’t gain much popularity despite their awesomeness as such a fate comes down onto many an exceptional band.

This is one of those releases that if you scour the underground looking for the next intriguing album to check out, then please look no further than Morrow. They’ve proven that just with “Covenant of Teeth” alone that there is much to be had from these Americans.

LISTEN to “Covenant of Teeth” on Bandcamp here via Halo of Flies.

LIKE Morrow on Facebook here.


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