Kvelertak – Nattesferd

kvelertaknattesferd There are many, many different sounds out in the world of metal alone, and there’s always going to be a band trying to create something fresh and new. While a lot of them fail, a select talented few manage to rise above the rest, and Kvelertak show that they are such a band and their new album “Nattesferd” is clear proof of that. Mixing together two completely different sounds to give us something as intriguing as this is truly a shocker to say in the least.

This album can only be described by me as some sort of concoction of black metal and riff filled rock n roll. When you hear even a few seconds off “Nattesferd” you can almost instantly tell what I mean by the rock riffs making a clear impact, but then the vocals are where things take a sharp turn. What could be considered a not so good idea, Kvelertak has a vocalist who’s voice is as harsh as plenty of black metal bands out there have, but these work so very oddly well with the distinctly different instruments that it’s damn near shocking to me the results. With an amazing crunch that even some veteran bands fail to achieve time to time, “Nattesferd” has no dull moments through all of it’s tracks to make this a unique experience that I’m sure the likes of which have been around for years, but it is Kvelertak who have clearly perfected the style to the highest degree. Each new shift with the guitars, groove of the bass, beat of the drums, and call of the vocals adds yet even more delightful flavor into the mix of an already tasty recipe, and each track has its own special sound that of course have the same style, but Kvelertak don’t just copy and paste with their music from song to song. No, they show they are more than capable to keep the listener more than entertained with a wide selection named “Nattesferd” that has already spread like wildfire amongst the metal community from what I can see, and it’s ever so obvious as to why.

With all the new sounds bands try to create each and every year, Kvelertak is definitely one of the best with “Nattesferd” alone being the only argument they need as to why. Something that could even provide as a smooth introduction to metal album, Kvelertak have truly done a marvelous job with this album.

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