Sorcery – Garden of Bones

a1922755352_10 Death metal has many shapes and forms, and anyone who pays even remote attention to the genre knows that to be an absolute fact. A lot of bands from the 90s who were smashing it at what was arguably the genre’s peak have either split up or gone onto different sounds, but Sorcery are one of the few who are still going at it and their new album, “Garden of Bones”, show they are one of the unsung kings of death metal without a doubt.

Over 50 minutes of face melting death metal that sounds like it was ripped straight out of the 90’s, “Garden of Bones” is in every way you can imagine a success of the genre. Bone crunching riffs and vocals that could wake the dead itself are featured in all of the ten tracks off “Garden of Bones” which make i one those albums that you absolutely must check out if you’re any sort of fan of the old school death metal that continues to live on today, and Sorcery show that they aren’t shaking off the original madness and brutality that they started out with. Everything about this album is all you could ever want out of a pure death metal album, and Sorcery have proven with their third full length album that they know the genre to the most minor details and perform in the most explosively satisfying ways imaginable. And to think these guys only got back together after over ten years of being split up, who knows what awesomeness we could’ve heard from these guys if that never happened?

“Garden of Bones” is one of those underground death records that you listen to if you have time to burn and want to listen to something familiar with a marvelous sound to it and you wanna have your ears explode from the intensity. That’s but a taste as to the full gourmet that Sorcery have made for us with this album, and it tastes oh so delicious.

LISTEN to “Garden of Bones” on Bandcamp here.

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