Rival Sons – Hollow Bones

Rival-Sons-Hollow-Bones When it comes down to it, there’s nothing better to listen to on a drive home than some good ol’ rock n roll. Some may disagree with that, but I feel like we can all agree to that in some degree. Rivals Sons has been one of those bands that I wanted to check out, but it wasn’t until they’ve recently busted out “Hollow Bones” that I decided to investigate, and what I found is quite possibly some of the best modern rock n roll I’ve heard for a while.

This 37 minute album has every single thing that a rock fan could ever possibly want out of a record. From funky sounds that you can’t believe are coming out of  guitar and bass to the psychedelic as hell cover art, there’s no denying the fact that Rival Sons truly found a sound that can be described only as unique and mind bending to say in the very least. “Hollow Bones” have a great variety of sounds, beats, and rhythms that are always upbeat and catchy which make them perfect for grabbing your attention the moment you hear that irresistible riff or the funky sound of the vocals. The sheer levels of awesomeness that Rival Sons have somehow managed to garner for “Hollow Bones” comes to fruition in songs like “Black Coffee” and “Baby Boy” which even after listening to the album several times it’s still hard to comprehend how well done of an album this is. It goes without saying that Rival Sons have truly hit the nail on the head with “Hollow Bones” down to the very color palette of the cover art.

It’d be criminal to not call this record a highlight of modern rock n roll because in every single way possible Rival Sons do everything they could’ve possibly done in the best absolute way. If you want to hear something that you’ll be casually jamming out to either with your friends or by yourself at the end of a long day, “Hollow Bones” is just the piece for you.

LISTEN to “Hollow Bones” on Spotify here.

BUY “Hollow Bones” via iTunes here.

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FOLLOW Rival Sons on Twitter : @rivalsons


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