Feign – Atlas

a1283290467_10 Everyone has one of those bands that no matter who it is or whatever they put out whenever they immediately gravitate towards it immediately after learning the band in question has new material. I have several of those, and Feign is easily one of those. The man behind this band has shown plenty capable with his previous efforts, but it is easily his upcoming piece, “Atlas”, that shows his true genius and understanding of the genre.

Let me just say that I’m not a huge fan of Feign nor have I religiously listened to his work recently. I’ve heard all the previous stuff and enjoyed it, but I always knew that there was something that we weren’t hearing. Some sort of excellence that had yet to be shown, and those who had that same thought have but to wait just a little bit longer, for I promise you that “Atlas” is the brilliance we’d been anticipating oh so eagerly. Atmospheric black metal can take you from the deepest reaches of the forest to the coldest peaks, but Feign is the only one who’s taken us to the outer cosmos and done it marvelously well to where I can without a doubt call “Atlas” one of my favorite albums of the year right now.

Feign have taken his previous two demos, “Into the Void” and “Lost to Eternity”, and seemed to have improved upon them infinitely with “Atlas”. Everything from the chilling grooves and the piercing vocals have a much better feel, quality, and overall sound from Feign’s previous efforts. Then there’s the matter of this being a basic full length album with nine tracks being featured within the record which to put it simply are some of the most entertaining pieces of atmospheric black metal I’ve ever heard. And I don’t mean a weak piece of ambiance when I say “atmospheric”. I mean you literally feel like if you close your eyes and fully immerse yourself in the hypnotic vocals and the transcending sound of the instruments you literally feel like you’re floating amongst space dust and could touch the stars with your fingertips while drifting alongside awe inspiring vortexes of unfathomable color. Then add in extra pieces, such as a piano to name one, to add an infinite sense of spice that acts as a gift that just keeps on giving.

At the end of these ten tracks of immensely atmospheric black metal laced with a fine thread of death metal, “Atlas” is without a doubt one of the most stunning pieces of black metal that I’ve heard all year. Feign have proven once again that not only is he possibly the most talented and versatile one man band of the genre at the moment, but that he’s still got plenty more up his sleeve to show us. Now, if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go back into the nebulae that “Atlas” so masterfully create.

“Atlas” releases on July 29th!

LISTEN to the song, “Lunarity”, off the album on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Feign on Facebook here.

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