Siegelord – Ascent of the Fallen

a0275931890_10 There are absolutely throngs of bands out there who are continuously trying to come up with something new and fresh that no one has ever heard of yet. One such combination is mixing melodic death metal, folk metal (or epic, whatever), a tinge of black, and with symphonic elements for extra spice. The closest band I can think of like that is Whispered who does a phenomenal job at it when it seemed impossible, and yet here come Siegelord with their debut album showing they too can pull of such a potentially fatal mixture.

Imagine a brutal story in an extremely dark world of epic proportions complete with betrayal, monumental battles, and subtleties that people like J.R.R. Tolkien mastered but all in the form of a metal album. That is what “Ascent of the Fallen” is in a nutshell, yet you cannot even begin to truly comprehend what that means without listening to all twelve tracks off of this titanic album. Whether it be the multiple and very distinct vocals, grand sense of everything going on in the songs, how unreasonably awesome everything sounds, or the grittiness of the subject material mixed with the actual music that gets your attention and brings out the most of “Ascent of the Fallen”, you cannot deny how magnificent of an album this is, and a debut album at that. And let me tell you that it’s not just the normal guitar, bass, and drums that are featured in the album, oh no, Siegelord show to have a very good knowledge of numerous instruments that really bring out the symphonic element mentioned early and it creates this epic sensation in the background that alongside the death metal you get this ridiculous sense of grandeur that is very hard to achieve, but Siegelord pull it off in each and every track. You cannot only listen to “Ascent of the Fallen” once either as it’s just simply one of those records you’ve got to hear time and time again, and even after multiple listens you’ve but scratched the surface of seeing the true excellence of the piece.

Siegelord have accomplished something that I’ve only ever seen one band do correctly before, and this album shows that there’s plenty of potential for this volatile concoction in various places around the globe. If you want something that is simply brutally grand, “Ascent of the Fallen” is a journey you need to take and will not regret it one single bit.

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