Dust Bolt – Mass Confusion

666_DustBolt_CMYK The thrash metal underground around the globe is much like that of every other underground scene of every other sub-genre of metal around the globe: very much alive and thriving. However, there are of course select bands that are several cuts above the rest who’s musical prowess gets them well deserved praise and naturally people geeking out over them. For thrash, Dust Bolt is possibly the best example of this and every single reason why can be heard off “Mass Confusion”.

Some bands only need four tracks and others need more to show that they mean business and that they can clearly make an enjoyable album for people to jam out to. Dust Bolt, however, with “Mass Confusion” only needed one song to show how much ass they came to kick. Pick any track you like, for all eleven songs from this massive album are the kind that all of them are fucking killer and will satisfy thrash fans, if not metal fans in general, the instant they hear either the unforgiving vocals or manic pace of the rest of the band. And not only does “Mass Confusion” have some top notch thrash metal amongst this truly excellent piece, but Dust Bolt take things a different route with the track “Exit” being an acoustic piece with clean vocals that is without a doubt new territory for these Germans. Does it work? I think it works fantastically well, but I know that the moment the album is available people are gonna tell me how wrong and stupid I am for that, but it doesn’t matter because that one song shows the amount of thought and outside of the box thinking that went on for “Mass Confusion”, and given how well the end result is it’s safe to say such a change definitely worked in the album’s favor.

By the end of the record you’d be subjected to not only thrash and acoustic genius, but an all around classic experience that hasn’t been displayed in such high quality in literally decades. Dust Bolt are heralds of the old school sound of thrash and “Mass Confusion” stands are their prime trophy as to how much they truly love and want to continue the ways of old.

“Mass Confusion” releases on July 8th!

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