Dawn of Disease – Worship the Grave

dod_worshipthegrave_300dpi When it comes down to death metal sometimes you have to look in the most unlikely of places to get the real best out of the bands that you’ve never heard of. That’s where they joy comes from with discovering new music as you never saw something awesome coming at all. Allow me to introduce you to Dawn of Disease who is your new favorite death metal band you’ve never heard of.

With ten tracks and over 40 minutes of face melting death metal, Dawn of Disease’s upcoming album, “Worship the Grave”, is without a doubt both the pinnacle of the band’s discography so far as well as one of the definitive highlights of the genre at this point in the year. “Worship the Grave” is a consistent blast of sheer intensity the likes of which that if you’re any type of death metal fan you just revel in this shit and head bang all the way into next week, but for other people this is the sound of pure chaos and madness which isn’t far from reality. The thing that Dawn of Disease manage to bring to the table are subtle rhythms and melodies that really tantalize your ears into experiencing extreme levels of approval as “Worship the Grave” is jam packed with brutal vocals, violent pacing that does not even begin to think about letting up, and an overall sound that can only be described as true death metal. And whether you like the pure blast of rage or the rotting riffs that Dawn of Disease pull off masterfully, you can’t deny the album’s excellence.

Easily one of the better pure death metal albums of 2016 so far, Dawn of Disease prove to be in a league of their own when it comes to German death metal bands. “Worship the Grave” is an undead piece of glory that is a shiny triumph from this band.

“Worship the Grave” releases on June 24th!

BUY “Worship the Grave” via iTunes here.

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FOLLOW Dawn of Disease on Twitter : @DawnofDisease


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