Gojira – Magma

Gojira-Magma Of all the progressive metal bands in the entire world, not one has garnered a larger following that Gojira. That’s not without good reason, naturally, with their previous efforts being ridiculously impressive. So literally all eyes were on these guys as the release for “Magma” slowly came around, and now that it’s out and I think it’s safe to say we can all bask in the infinite glory that is this record.

From awesome beginning to somber end, “Magma” is quite possibly the best album that these French men have ever put out, and after seeing multitudes of Facebook ravings and other people blathering on about the record I’m pretty sure most everyone agrees with that statement. The amount of variety and the excellent spread of energy throughout these nine tracks make “Magma” an incredible experience that if you listen to the entire album in one sitting you’d be enlightened with an array of beautiful riffs, magnificent vocals of both aggressive and calmer natures to give the tracks a solid balance, and the kind of musicianship that you only find in such high quality in every band out of a million maybe even more. “Magma” has everything that not only a progressive metal fan could dream of, but any metal fan in genre who wants to spice up their playlist with something different should absolutely investigate this record because it has just got all the essentials you could possibly ever desire out of a band like this. Albeit, people give Gojira shit for the clean vocals, but at the end of the day how can something like that ruin a marvelously crafted record such as this? It can’t. That’s how.

I’ve followed Gojira for a few years now, checked out all of their stuff, and I was one of those people who thought they were okay, but weren’t great. “Magma” has shown me otherwise. The fantastically crafted metal and beautiful choruses have hypnotized me in ways that’ll have me jamming out to these French men for years and years to come.

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One thought on “Gojira – Magma

  1. Just waiting for my order from Amazon. Gojira is my favorite current metal band. I just came across them two or so years ago. In many ways they are like early Sepultura meets Cynic.

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