Eteritus – Following the Ancient Path

eteritus_cover Death metal is known be the most brutal and intense thing that you could possibly get in the musical world, and old school death metal shows what everything could sound like if you took everything to the max without everything being a blur (grind and brutal death). The old school is sometimes the best school and many bands out there are wonderful testaments to that, and Eteritus is a perfect example of such.

Albeit this Polish band hasn’t been along for not more than a few years, they show that they have a deep and awesome level of understanding of the illustrious old school of death metal on levels that some people could only dream of having. Eteritus’ upcoming debut album, “Following the Ancient Path”, does exactly what its name says so long as you were to replace “Ancient Path” with “Old School” as this album is straight old school death metal as if it were taken right out of the textbook of the genre. The heavy as fuck guitars, bass that sound like a tractor engine, drums that sound like the earth slowly ripping itself, and vocals that pulverize your ears into a fine bloody mist all come together to make an album that perfectly embodies what the pinnacle of old school death metal is in today’s world. Or the very closest we’re gonna get to that pinnacle, anyway. And however magnificently solid of a debut album “Following the Ancient Path” is, I’ve no doubt that if Eteritus delves even deeper into their minds that they can pull out something even greater than this applause worthy release. That I’ve no doubt about.

A damn near flawless album of its genre front to back, “Following the Ancient Path” is a real punch to the face and I mean that in the best way possible. Eteritus have given us one hell of a ride that death metal fans everywhere are not going to want to pass up for even a moment.

“Following the Ancient Path” releases on June 26th!

LISTEN to 2 songs off “Following the Ancient Path” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Eteritus on Facebook here.


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