Sorcier Des Glaces – North

a0235751804_10 One of my favorite black metal bands, Ende, have not been silent since their last album, and that is backed up with their upcoming split with Sorcier Des Glaces. I’ve never once heard of Sorcier Des Glaces so that alone prompted my intrigue. Luckily, they’ve recently released “North” and I promptly went in for investigation. And after sitting through this cold piece from Canada, I can clearly see why Ende would pair up with this band.

Coming in with a nearly hour long run time spread out over eight tracks, Sorcier Des Glaces shows that if there is anything to be had out of a Canadian black metal band it is damn near the same result as a black metal band out of Scandinavia, which is weird a little bit but it makes so much sense when you listen to the music. The cold environment and harsh winters make a clear influence on “North” as you can feel the freezing chill go down your spine with each and every track in the album. Amongst all the harrowing riffs and spine tingling atmospheric effects that keep you tied to your seat are vocals that just cut through everything like an avalanche so that when combined with the guitars, bass, and drums it creates a deadly combination the result of which can only be regarding as magnificently dark and immensely satisfying. Sorcier Des Glaces show that thye have a deep understanding of atmospheric black metal and that they can make it enjoyable for casual listeners, hardcore fans, and the kind of people who just want a little bit extra out of their black metal, and “North” delivers one hundred percent all the fucking way.

“North” is a triumph of an album that definitely holds its own and shows that this band has got talent that can go really far. Sorcier Des Glaces gets nothing but my approval for their applause worthy performance, and if I have anything to say is that I absolutely cannot wait to see how their split with Ende will go. Personally, one of the most anticipated black metal albums of the year for me, and I’ve got a gut feeling that it won’t be a disappointment for it includes two phenomenal bands.

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