Denner/Shermann – Masters of Evil

Denner-Shermann_-_Masters_of_Evil The quality of heavy metal in its original form has become dangerously low in recent years, and with bands as prolific as Manowar leaving the stage who will carry the torch? Well here is a group whom I believe can carry that hefty torch and bring meaning to heavy metal itself. Denner/Shermann make one hell of a name for themselves with their debut album alone, and it’s not hard to see why.

One of the most important things to make a good heavy metal record is energy. You gotta have an unstoppable energy that isn’t too weak then it’ll come off as maybe hard rock or softer, but not too much because it’s not thrash or death metal even. Denner/Shermann understand this magnificently well to where all eight tracks of “Masters of Evil” were amazingly energetic where there was never a point where the music got boring, droll, or repetitive even. Everything down to the sound of the vocals and the beats of the drums stays true to the origins of heavy metal to where anyone who wants a damn good time whether they be the most hardcore metal fans out there or the most casual listeners ever, there’s plenty of enjoyment to be found with “Masters of Evil”. It has truly got it all and everything that you could want out of a heavy metal record and I’ve no doubt that it’ll become extremely evident why by the time of the chorus of the opening track. The whole of the album is not only done as fucking well as it could’ve been, it is a true feat of modern heavy metal that if you consider yourself even interested in it then you are not going to want this slip by for even a microsecond!

Denner/Shermann showed the world what kind of band they were last year with their first EP, but now they’re ready to show us all that they are a straight up heavy metal wrecking crew that are the real goddamn deal. “Masters of Evil” is the start of something brilliantly exciting and a fantastic ride that must be taken!

“Masters of Evil” releases on June 24th!

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