Aktaion – The Parade of Nature

a2111412889_10 Aktaion wasted no time when putting out their sophomore album without a doubt as their debut, “Throne”, came out not even a year ago if memory serves well. That was a solid release, but showed the band had plenty of tweaking to do. So going into “The Parade of Nature” . . . the anticipation I had for the album was palpable I tell you. And after sitting through eleven tracks, I can happily say Aktaion have made a massive upgrade from their debut.

Right off the bat I can honestly say that Aktaion have molded together melo-death metal and metalcore to create something that I can’t just call deathcore because it’s just so much more than that. There’s a lot more substance, more power, more intrigue. But when trying to blur lines and create something new there are bound to be a few bumps in the road, and for Aktaion it’s the simple fact that every now and then the music sounds a little clunky and forced to where if it weren’t surrounded by awesomeness I’d say it brought down the levels of enjoyment with “The Parade of Nature”. But that is literally the one and only thing I have a problem with for this entire album. The amount of entertainment that I received when listening to this album was ridiculous, I’ll tell you what. Each track had its ups, its downs, its head-bang worthy intensity, and then clean vocals to ease you in before punching you in the face once more out of fucking nowhere. Everything just molded together amazingly well on such a scale that it’s hard to comprehend it without hearing it, but “The Parade of Nature” just had this grand presence that whether it was in the form of pure aggression or a more melancholy tone it was pulled off as if Aktaion has been doing this for decades.

That all is but a taste of what you’d find in this record. Even after listening to it multiple times and it getting better each and every time, there’s no doubt in my mind that “The Parade of Nature” is an extremely entertaining and powerful album that cannot be passed up. Should you want something that is different as well as being pulled off excellently well, Aktaion has got just the ticket for you with “The Parade of Nature”!

“The Parade of Nature” releases on July 29th!

LISTEN to 2 tracks off “The Parade of Nature” via Bandcamp here.

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