Whitechapel – Mark of the Blade

Whitechapel_-_Mark_of_the_Blade Of all the many genres, branching paths, forms, or whatever of metal there are, there’s not a lot that I can say I’m not really big into. There are a few, however. Deathcore is definitely one of them. It’s not that I detest it or anything like that, I just don’t often come across any deathcore that makes me go “this is awesome”. Let today mark the first time in a while that I’ve enjoyed an album of such, and Whitechapel happens to be the band that delivered the performance that I didn’t know I needed to hear.

I’ve been familiar with Whitechapel for quite some time with the ten years that they’ve been around being nothing but genre-redefining without a doubt, but I’ve never been able to really sit there and listen to it then be able to go back and listen to them again and actually enjoy it. “Mark of the Blade” is the first album from Whitechapel that I’ve been able to listen to the entire thing, finish it, and then actually want to go back for more. That right there is already magnificent in my eyes. But then there’s the fact that “Mark of the Blade” is actually good deathcore, and doesn’t have a half-ass sound to it that is just so bland and makes it seem like the band wasn’t even trying. All eleven tracks off of the album are a ridiculously intense assault upon your ears that only cease when the song ends but then immediately kicks back up with the beginning of the next, yet not all of them feature clean vocals. It’s the in-your-face growls (or whatever you want to fucking call them) that keep your attention, then it’s the speed and aggression of the vicious guitars, relentless bass, and lightning drums that bring the real flavor to “Mark of the Blade”, and then it’s the clean vocals that, when featured, add another layer of deliciousness that made the album all the more enjoyable in the end. If you want that in a few words: it’s fast, it’s heavy, and it’s done as well as it could have possibly ever been.

Whitechapel have created something that I can honestly stand up and say that I thoroughly enjoyed all of it, and I can promise that many others will agree with that. “Mark of the Blade” shows that even after putting out five records that they’re not even close to throwing in the towel, and anyone who says otherwise has a stick up their ass that desperately needs to be removed.

“Mark of the Blade” releases on June 24th!

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