Gjendød – s/t

gjendød - digipak cover I’m the kind of guy that if there’s black metal in the area I turn my head in its direction and proceed to investigate. However, it’s not always something pleasant that I discover. Sometimes the find is a straight up nasty, guttural piece of filth that is more raw than the meat on a cow. Gjendød’s debut self-titled is one such album that is the very definition of unrelenting.

From that fucking mess of a cover art you can just tell that you’re about to see some serious shit. This four track piece is, however, a demo. So instead of things being mastered, mixed, and maybe even produced properly the entire way, we just get the raw mixes of Gjendød’s material. That’s the thing that prevented me from really enjoyed this album simply because the quality is clearly nowhere near as good as it could be, unless Gjendød intentionally wants the end result to be chaotic as all hell. If so then they’re already on the right track. But all of that aside, this EP definitely has got some interesting material that if you’re into black metal like myself you’ll be listening to this going “hmmm” to yourself as your brain tries, and ultimately fails, to grasp this record. The hellish vocals to the maddening rhythms of the wicked combination of the guitars and bass come together to create this insane piece of promise that is both mysterious and a real ghost of the past, and from what I can gather there’s little Gjendød can go wrong with going on in the future, but they absolutely have got plenty of room for improvement.

All in all, it’s hard to not call Gjendød’s debut an interesting EP at the very least. They’ve shown that they can recreate the old taste of black metal that has become disappointingly rare nowadays, and from what I can tell that’s got a hand full of people turning their heads. Hopefully that hand full with turn into hordes of people, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that does happen eventually.

LISTEN to “Gjendød” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Gjendød on Facebook here.


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