Cough – Still They Pray

a0409004864_10 Doom metal has its all stars, that’s a no brainer. However, there’s also those few select lesser known bands that are still known to be in the top tier of bands of the genre, yet unjustly get fuck all attention compared to others. Cough is one such group. They’ve been bringing us immensely powerful slabs of doom metal for fucking ten years now, yet I’ve only recently heard of them. That’s a crime in it of itself with how magnificently talented these gentlemen are, and “Still They Pray” shows off their skills to the absolute max.

Clocking in at over a whole fucking hour long, this album packs one hell of a wallop to say in the very least. “Still They Pray” takes doom metal at its very finest, and Cough somehow manage to improve upon it with adding a dash of psychedelic elements to the already potent mix they have going on to give the album a great feel that adds a wonderful new texture to the music. If you’re wondering if Cough sticks to true doom fashion then worry not because everything down to the song lengths themselves, the shortest being four minute outro, with brutal and crushingly slow rhythms that have such a great sound to them that makes them a fantastic listen both casually and if you’re paying close attention to the music. The best part about “Still They Pray” has to be the different styles and sounds the vocals can bring to give each track a different track, varying levels of intensity, and in the end they help make the album a real roller coaster that never ceases to amaze, and nothing is repeated even once so you never know what you’re going to get next. By the end of these wondrous eight tracks, you have gone through what is without a doubt one of the most premier doom metal albums of the year, easily, and if you’ve been meaning to get more out of doom metal this year then you are not going to want to pass up “Still They Pray” for even a moment.

A massive album in every single way possible, Cough make a triumphant return to the world with “Still They Pray”. This record is something that is not going to want to be missed by not only doom fans, but metal fans in general because this is quite possibly the best intro to doom metal that you could ever get, and the supreme awesomeness that is contained within the piece makes it easy to see why.

BUY “Still They Pray” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to “Still They Pray” on Bandcamp here.

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