Volbeat – Seal the Deal & Let’s Boogie

A1blgtfyM7L._SL1500_ When it comes to blurring the line between metal and rock while also maintaining a massive fan base, Volbeat tops them all. Their very accessible sound and insurmountably awesome music puts these Danish gentlemen directly in the spotlight whenever they release a new album, and this time was no different. “Seal the Deal & Let’s Boogie” is arguably Volbeat’s best record to date, and you can definitely see why upon taking a gander at the piece.

If you’re a fan of Volbeat then I do have to say this record doesn’t exactly have the next “Still Counting”, but that doesn’t mean this record isn’t fantastic because this is honestly the very first Volbeat album that I’ve been able to listen to all the way through without having to take break and come back to it later or have to stop listening half way through because I just wasn’t feeling it all that much. So right there, already starting off on the right foot, but then they kick things up a notch by giving you yet another helping of their hard rock/metal blend that doesn’t cease to satisfy for those who want that edge of the guitars, bass, and drums but also an up beat, feel good sensation that is brought by the smooth vocals and rhythms that cannot be beat, simple as that. But does it all hold up throughout the 13 tracks spread out over the 50+ minutes that is “Seal the Deal & Let’s Boogie”? Absolutely! Everything that could’ve possibly gone right with this album did, and it makes it one of, if not the, most well done and interesting albums that keep you hooked the entire time with the massive amounts of riffs and grooves keeping you all but planted in your seating, eagerly anticipating what these guys are going to pull next that will have you going “yes, yes, yes!”. Nothing sounds the exact same with “Seal the Deal & Let’s Boogie” and the supreme quality of it all makes it a very entertaining album front to back which is a gift that just keeps on giving I promise you.

Volbeat have been a powerhouse for their blend of music for years and years, and many people have wondered if they’re ever going to falter and put out a release that’s not up to par with past releases. I don’t think about shit like that personally, but I can happily and honestly say that if such a thing is going to happen “Seal the Deal & Let’s Boogie” does nothing but show that such an event is a long way off.

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