Dark Funeral – Where Shadows Forever Reign

Press_Cover_01-1 The name Dark Funeral itself carries so much weight and respect in the metal world that it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t at least respect one of the biggest, most well known black metal band of all time. I, however a big fan of the genre I am, I’ve listened to every Dark Funeral record but never found something I truly liked out of them, which makes “Where Shadows Forever Reign” the first record from these guys that I’ve ever truly enjoyed, and there’s plenty of reasons for that.

I’m the kind of guy that loves intensity as much as the next metal head, but mixing that with magnificent rhythms and riffs that keep the listener enticed the entire time while not once allowing your attention to falter is a whole ‘nother thing in it of itself. That’s exactly what the whole of “Where Shadows Forever Reign” is. All nine tracks contain Dark Funeral’s manic ferocity and occult themes that have made the band what they are today, and it all comes to its absolute peak with this record because every single thing that Dark Funeral could’ve gotten right down to the very note. Every track is its own wondrous unholy anthem that gets your head banging faster than you ever anticipated with the guitars and bass flowing seamlessly together in their fiery speed, the drums and their amazing beats being the doldrums for the world of the living, and the vocals who’s vicious sound and blasphemous lyrics will crack open the way to hell itself. Ergo, “Where Shadows Forever Reign” take everything Dark Funeral has always been known for, cranks everything up 1000%, and makes it an absolute masterpiece of modern black metal. A true testament that “kvlt” is still very much a thing and that the very capable hands of Dark Funeral are leading the way with this burning inferno of an album.

“Where Shadows Forever Reign” is without a doubt the best record this band has ever put out and it shows that even after a seven year period since their last full length, they continue to show that they are nowhere near done their unholy quest. A record that smashes all existence from start to finish, this is an essential album to hear if you’re any sort of fan of black metal.

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One thought on “Dark Funeral – Where Shadows Forever Reign

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