Hellyeah – Unden!able

1280x1255 So the day has come. People who pay any attention to Hellyeah they know that the band is confident in saying that this album will return to their metal roots much more than “Blood For Blood” did. A bold statement to say in the very least and it’s needless to say they had many eyes on them to see how true their words are, and I can say with pure happiness that Hellyeah truly did keep to their word and made “Unden!able” the most hardcore, and possibly best, album to date.

The amount of change Hellyeah have gone over through their now five albums is simply staggering. Going from what was basically country to what is now metal that is real in your face about it while still keeping a pretty big fan base is nothing short of a phenomenal achievement. I was pretty excited for “Unden!able” if I’m to be perfectly honest as the first two songs Hellyeah released before the record was showed there was plenty of diversity to be had on the album that was done very well to say in the least, and that thankfully stays true for the whole record. Most everything from fast paced vocals to ripping guitar solos to anthems that really locks in your attention to lyrics that are absolutely overflowing with emotions straight from the heart can be found on “Unden!able” which makes it a truly dynamic piece that everyone who gives Hellyeah a chance will have no choice but to appreciate the variety of the album if they didn’t enjoy the music itself. The whole album is an excellent rollercoaster with differing levels of heaviness and intensity along with rage and heart felt emotions that stick you with even well after the song is over. Each track has its own strengths to in the end give this ridiculously awesome experience the likes of which we’ve never seen from Hellyeah before, and the extreme heights of quality that “Unden!able” reaches that sensation and peak that people wanted out of this band when they first set out, and after all the bumps in the road and long journey it took to get to this point Hellyeah delivered in the end in the best possible way.

A real punch to the face all things considered, “Unden!able” shows that Hellyeah truly are getting back to their metal roots and bringing it bigger, badder, and more heavier than they’ve been for a long time. I cannot help but applause this album and despite what many people might think or say about Hellyeah, you can’t deny that they are a power house that aren’t even thinking about stopping any time soon, and “Unden!able” is proof that they’re ready to go harder than they’ve ever done before.

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