Suicidal Angels – Division of Blood

suicidal-angels-division-of-blood-103725 For every genre of any kind of music in existence there lies an inner circle of larger, yet mostly unknown, bands that have literally tens upon thousands of fans but are nowhere near large enough to be instantly known if you were to ask someone their name. When it comes to thrash metal, Suicidal Angels definitely fits that description. An elite group that has seen their fair shares of ups and downs, “Division of Blood” stands firm as one of their best records to date, easily.

Talk about a hell of a cover art, am I right? Thankfully, the awesome cover is backed up by the absolutely smashing nine tracks that are packed within “Division of Blood”. It’s the kind of album that if someone asked you to name the state of modern thrash metal as a whole in terms of how lively and relatively incredible it is you would point them to this piece simply because it’s got every single thing that you could ever possibly want out of a thrash album, and in some the of the highest levels of amazingness that I have ever heard in so long out of a modern thrash band. That’s a gift that just keeps on giving, my friends, and Suicidal Angels show that even after putting out five full length albums over the course of their career they can still make amazing music even after many bands stop sounding good after three or four, but time doesn’t even begin to affect these Greeks. Within “Division of Blood” is well over 30 minutes of super uncompromising thrash that continues to get more awesome and more aggressive as the album goes on to end in this glorious fiery explosion of intensity that every time you hear it you just want to throw yourself back into the smoldering inferno to enjoy it all the more. From the anthems done by the impeccable vocals, ripping solos from the guitars, grooves to end the world itself from the bass, and rhythms to satisfy you until the day you come back from the dead and from thereafter, “Division of Blood” is bloody excellent in every fucking way. Period.

If you want what is possibly the thrash highlight of the year bar none, you are going to want to absolutely check out “Division of Blood”. It is just so massive that even after putting it into words for you people, it’s hard to put it into words again. Something so ridiculously great should just be experienced, not told about, and believe you . . . you’re going to want to here this record.

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