The Foreshadowing – Seven Heads Ten Horns

The_Foreshadowing_-_Seven_Heads_Ten_Horns That weird thing of gothic metal has always been a kind of “eh” thing to me in the metal world as to me it just always seems so . . . uninteresting. Maybe mixing it with something would work? With doom metal, you say? I’m up for that, and that is exactly what The Foreshadowing is as a band – gothic doom metal. I’ve personally never heard of them, but their new album “Seven Heads Ten Horns” definitely caught my attention and may very well be the correct intro to the gothic scene that I needed.

A big thing that gets me excited about an album is its cover art, and more times than not when the cover is good so is the metal. This one, though, is more interesting and awesome to me as it gives off this ominous feel that’s somewhat unnerving, and that really carries through to the album itself. Albeit, “Seven Heads Ten Horns” isn’t a straight up creepy record that really gets underneath your skin. It’s more of the ominous tone that gets through to you as the heavy pair of the guitars and bass with the hypnotic drums and transcending keyboards cuts deep, hooking you into the soaring melodies that to me are what really make “Seven Heads Ten Horns” a treat as they never get old, only better. Then punch in the smooth and melodic vocals that do a magnificent job of helping each track progress, even the only track that’s over seven minutes long is made awesome with the vocals alone and that’s not even mentioning how well the rest of the band performed. And roll so much variety, ups and downs, and fantastic hooks into a 50+ minute piece and you got the awesome truck load that is “Seven Heads Ten Horns”, and The Foreshadowing truly show how versatile and capable they are as a band putting out their fourth record. A massive wallop from start to finish, this album truly is a handful with dozens of rewards around every corner to anyone lucky enough to experience it.

The Foreshadowing prove with this record alone that they are a gothic doom powerhouse that cannot be stopped, and “Seven Heads Ten Horns” is something that definitely must be checked out by not only gothic and doom fans, but people like me who didn’t like one of those to begin with. Maybe you’ll end up like I did and find it more favorable.

BUY “Seven Heads Ten Horns” via iTunes here, to be released on July 29th via Metal Blade Records.

LISTEN to the track “Two Horizons” via YouTube here or below.

LIKE The Foreshadowing on Facebook here.

FOLLOW The Foreshadowing on Twitter : @foreshadowing1


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