Doomicidal – Spawned in Hell

a0702169543_10 How much is too much? When the end result sounds like a fucking mess is when you know it’s too much. I thought that might happen with Doomicidal’s debut EP “Spawned in Hell”, but much to my pleasant surprise I was proven very wrong.

This EP manages to feature something that I rarely hear anymore yet it’s something that I just revel in whenever it’s playing: 70s inspired doom metal. If you don’t know what that is it’s essentially doom but not as slow or heavy with stoner rock elements thrown into the mix to make it very easy to listen to, especially on a casual listen. Doomicidal also manage to sprinkle in some psychedelic touches to change things up a bit, and that’s where I thought everything would get thrown out of whack but it instead made the experience much more enjoyable for me. The riffs and hooks in the three tracks that make up “Spawned in Hell” are the things that really kept me interested while, even though they’re good for what they are, the rest of the band could still use some tweaking and maybe a little bit of better in the production side of things, but that doesn’t prevent “Spawned in Hell” from being interesting nonetheless. As I said, though, Doomicidal isn’t on the heavier side of doom metal which might turn some people away, but maybe their classic style with a sound that’s pulled off fairly well will get you to sit down and listen to at least one of these tracks that are over five minutes long, in true doom fashion.

A solid album in the end, I do have to say. Definitely room for improvement as any band who’s only put one album overall, and I can easily see Doomicidal reaching far heights with their classic feel. A treat for any fan of a 70s metal sound, “Spawned in Hell” may just be the EP for you, and if you aren’t then maybe the doom factor will get you to investigate.

“Spawned in Hell” releases on June 30th!

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