Armagh – Venomous Frost

armagh_venomousfrost_cover Sometimes not being able to let go of the past isn’t always a completely bad thing. For example: if you know what metal was like in the 80s and 90s you’d know how raw and brutal everything was in the underground. Armagh take us back to those days with their debut black metal EP “Venomous Frost”, and man . . . does it make me want to go back to those days.

From the brutal logo to that crude, yet detailed just enough, snake on the cover art gives you more than you need to know about how rooted “Venomous Frost” is in the olden days of metal – black metal if I’m to be precise. And let me just say one thing – the members of Armagh weren’t exactly around in those days to experience it first hand and not everything else we have nowadays, but that doesn’t prevent them in the slightest from delivering an absolutely amazing and unholy album that fans of the beginnings of bands like Bathory will listen to and enjoy it infinitely. With a constant break neck pace and a presence that could raise the dead itself, “Venomous Frost” is a piece who’s bark is just as deadly as its bite with this three man band. Piercing vocals combined with the manic rhythm of the guitars and bass alongside the maddeningly intense drums create this raw and brutal experience that truly stick out from the rest with icy riffs sealing the deal for anyone wanting to find something that isn’t only old school but has a fuck ton of excellent riffs and hooks to boot. Armagh has all of that awesomeness in boat loads, and they know how to pull it all off fucking excellently!

If you’ve been looking for a nostalgia trip back to the days where Bathory was just getting their feet off the ground and Dark Funeral still weren’t that known in the metal world, you’re going to feel right at home with “Venomous Frost”. I can guarantee you are going to have a hell of a time with Armagh for days upon weeks upon months to come.

BUY the CD for “Venomous Frost” via The Third Eye Temple store here..

LISTEN to the track “Warbeast” via YouTube here or below.

LIKE Armagh on Facebook here.


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