Poison Headache – s/t

Poison_Headache_-_Poison_Headache When you’re a hardcore band looking to be a good hardcore band you need to do more than just try to be heavy with an aggressive anger seeping through every piece of the music. You gotta make it interesting, make it grab the listener’s attention, and keep things fresh and not allow the music to become stale after a while. Poison Headache have mastered all of those essentials with their debut album alone which makes them easily one of the best hardcore bands I’ve ever heard. Period.

Hearing a name like Poison Headache puts a real clear image in your head immediately, doesn’t it. I don’t know about you, of course, but I expected something really in my face and maybe a little technicality for some spice. I was right with the first part. Poison Headache comes at you with this raw sound that sounds so goddamn aggressive even for hardcore which as you know is all about the noise levels being high and intensity at a peak the entire time. There’s also something that you don’t really think about always that really contributed to the raw anger found in this record: the relatively short run times for most of the songs in the album. The album has ten tracks in total, which is not a bad amount as that can allow for good variety and different sounds, but all but two tracks are under three minutes long. Some aren’t even a minute long! So, like punk in a way, there’s no time for calm moments or periods to recollect yourself as the shorter songs are just filled to the brimmed of pure, face melting, unadulterated aggression that have such an amazing feel to it all. Everything from the fast guitars, vicious vocals, ferocious bass, and ridiculous drums pool together in this magnificent hell fest that does not disappoint even after multiple (and I mean multiple) listens. And if the overall sound doesn’t get you going, which I can understand, then you’ve no choice to at least admire at how crisp the production, mastering, and all that nonsense is on this album that some bands can only dream of having a sound so clear and crispy, but Poison Headache use it to their absolute advantage to give us something that we can easily jam out to all day long for a very long time to come.

I also forgot to mention this is Poison Headache’s debut album, which for me gets me excited because that means they can go anywhere after this record, and I can only see these guys going up. A three man hardcore band that you are definitely not going to want to miss should you love hardcore Poison Headache is, and if you don’t like it then I might recommend you check out Poison Headache nonetheless because who knows? They could be the right intro into the genre that you’ve been looking for.

“Poison Headache” releases on June 3rd!

PRE-ORDER “Poison Headache” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to the track “Sin Eater” via YouTube here or below.

LIKE Poison Headache on Facebook here.

FOLLOW Poison Headache on Twitter : @PHslays


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