Despite – Synergi

Synergi_Despite_album_cover_1600x1600 Anyone who has been a close follower of Despite for even a few years know that their roster constantly changes. Whether it be adding new members or having some leave, Despite has seen many faces come and go over the band’s history. That can easily destroy the band. However, Despite have not backed down from bringing their own brand of Swedish melodic death metal, and even though the band has lost all of its original members this group still has high goals in sight and their upcoming record, “Synergi”, shows that they’re nowhere near the end.

Going in balls to the walls with thirteen tracks off “Synergi” that absolutely bring the hammer down and smash everything in its path. Now, as a Despite fan you might be thinking “holy fuck, 13 brand new tracks?? That’s amazing!” Well, the term “brand new” isn’t exactly true. “Synergi” features six brand spankin’ new tracks that we’ve never heard before. The other seven you ask, all tracks from Despite’s last EP, “Epic”, as well as their last two stand alone singles, “Chaos Trigger” and “Praedonum”, remastered and seemingly re-recorded so that everything is more bass heavy than what they already were. Do I think that’s a great move? It does seem a little lazy if I’m to be perfectly honest but hearing new, and dare I say improved, versions of songs that I’ve come to know and love is refreshing. Then mixing that with fantastic new tracks that show how much evolution Despite has gone through in terms of making music and stylisitic variety while still staying within the description of melodic death metal, you get a pretty awesome result if I do say so myself. “Synergi” proves that they still got the power that they have made a name for in their time as a band with their vocals that are perfect for anyone who wants to get into death metal, three eight-stringed guitars to pound you into dust, a thunderous bass that does not quit, and a set of drums to satisfy you into next year. The whole album is such and will definitely fill the desires of fans of this band as well as people looking for something new yet refreshing that is always immensely entertaining, and saying that does not even begin to describe the peak that Despite have reached with “Synergi”. They just continue to overall get better and better which is not something I say without weight because it only happens in one in every ten thousand (at least) bands, and Despite have proven to without a doubt be such a group.

Despite have been known for their very melodic sound and have even been criticized for having clean vocals as well as growls (or whatever the fuck you want to call them), but you can’t deny that they have made a damn good name for themselves. Whether it be them being a live show powerhouse or the level of variety and quality found in their studio releases, “Synergi” stands as a powerful testament that Despite is not ready to sit down yet even though they’ve still got a long road ahead of them.

“Synergi” releases on July 22nd!

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LISTEN to the title track via YouTube here or below.

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