Countless Skies – New Dawn

Countless_Skies_New_Dawn_Artwork_Carl_Ellis Naming your band after a song from a band as renowned as Be’lakor sets the bar high for your group as you’d be expected to live up to such a name. Countless Skies definitely prove themselves worthy of doing so with their first EP which was fucking phenomenal in so many ways, but if anything is going to drill home how mind bogglingly (that’s a word now) talented and amazing this band truly is is their magnificent upcoming first full length of “New Dawn”.

Listening to Countless Skies you get this mix that, if you’re not accustomed to it, can be very odd with this band being melodic death metal consisting of guitars and a bass that provide this sense that I can only describe as enlightening alongside the part where the actual death metal comes into play: the vocals. Now, with that being said, the vocals are not consistent with there being two sets; one that has a great, raspy sound to them that truly carry themselves throughout every track off of “New Dawn”, but as a fantastic contrast come in clean vocals that have an amazingly smooth texture to them that provide a whole new sound that fits everything so perfectly well. And if you’ve been a fan of Countless Skies like myself ever since their debut you may be asking “have things changed?” and the answer is a solid yes and no. Yes because just from the first track alone you can hear the evolution Countless Skies has taken as a band, and no because they’re still keeping true to their roots and original sound allowing for that transcending sound us fans gravitated towards and love to death. All eight tracks of “New Dawn” a true testament to how this band isn’t just trying to make a name for themselves by relying on someone else’s because whether it be the roller coaster that is “Solace”, the energy displayed in “Incendium”, or the 10 minute long journey of “Return” you can see that Countless Skies are no pushovers by any means. If anything outside of their vicious touring throughout Britain are going to get them noticed anywhere then “New Dawn” will be just the thing that are going to turn peoples’ heads, and rightfully so!

A record that is the true defining moment of Countless Skies’ short time as a band thus far, “New Dawn” is easily one of my personal favorite records of the year. A diverse record with a little bit for anyone willing to give it a chance, “New Dawn” does not disappoint in any way and tells of marvelous things to come from this very talented quartet.

“New Dawn” releases on June 24th!

BUY the CD for “New Dawn” on Bandcamp here.

LISTEN to the new track “Incendium” via YouTube here or below.

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