If These Trees Could Talk – The Bones of a Dying World

If_These_Trees_Could_Talk_-_The_Bones_of_a_Dying_World If you’re the kind of person who gets home from a long, grueling day at work and just want something chill to kick back and listen to there’s nothing better than instrumental. Whether you want it mind bending or simplicity constantly, you got plenty of variety. Let me introduce to you the perfect mix of transcending rhythms and sounds mixed with the simplest riffs and beats that seemingly take you to another plane of existence should you fully immerse yourself in it. That mix happens to be “The Bones of a Dying World” from the seasoned instrumentalists of If These Trees Could Talk.

My absolute favorite thing about any kind of instrumental music is the self-explanatory lack of vocals which doesn’t allow the music to have an anchored meaning, instead you can interpret however the fuck you want which is an oddly thrilling freedom. All nine tracks off of “The Bones of a Dying World” have such intricacies peppered throughout the record that always keep you interested by taking you to places that only instrumentalists can take you, and just from listening to this album alone you can tell that If These Trees Could Talk have mastered the art of hypnotizing your mind and tantalizing each and every one of your senses (“even taste??” even taste) with their magnificent sounds, paces, and rhythms. And I know you think that they must be trying to pull off a “humans are destroying the planet” kind of message with their band name and album title being what they are, and are they? Who the fuck knows or cares? If they are, that’s your interpretation of it all. That’s what I love about this group even after just discovering them. They don’t have any known message that’s plastered out there, they’ve got awesomeness seeping through every note they play, and every piece of post rock that they spout out is some of the best I’ve ever fucking heard. “The Bones of a Dying World” defies all odds of the genre in every way and I cannot begin to tell you how much I want you to check this shit out.

If you want something that truly blurs all the fucking lines that there are to be blurred as well as transcend all you could fucking want and more than I want you to sit your dumb ass down, strap on some head phones, and dive nose first into If These Trees Could Talk and discover something you won’t soon forget!

“The Bones of a Dying World” releases on June 3rd!

PRE-ORDER “The Bones of a Dying World” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to the single “Solstice” via YouTube here or below.

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FOLLOW If These Trees Could Talk on Twitter : @treescouldtalk

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