Utopia War – Ritual

a0159131836_10 We all know and love at least one band that’s ambitious and makes it work by sounding fucking great, but then of course there’s many others who fall flat on their faces. Death and doom metal typically ends up being the latter, sadly, but Utopia War’s EP “Ritual” shows to me that there is definite hope for such a combo.

Three tracks is all that’s on this slap in the face EP that is, if I’m correct, Utopia War’s very first album. There’s a clear diversity in speed and overall feel in each and every track on “Ritual” while still keeping that death/doom feel that’s a lot to take in itself, but Utopia War maintains an entertaining sound that always keeps you interested in the music. And as if mixing death and doom metal wasn’t enough, this trio manage to incorporate elements of sludge to make things just a tad more raw, and it continues to make everything work out pretty well all things considered. The death comes in through the vocals that aren’t as guttural as you might expect but they’re still undeniably brutal, the doom coming in and out with varying rhythms and beats that change so often that you are always given something interestingly different more than enough. And all that rolled up into one piece gives Utopia War an air of potential that definitely could be fleshed out should these three gentlemen decide to go really into it and try to make something truly mind blowing, and I’ve got confidence they could do it swimmingly.

A unique EP from a band that no one, including me, has heard of, “Ritual” lays the ground work for something that could be very interesting. It’s up to Utopia War, though, to see where they’re going to go, and hopefully it’s somewhere awesome.

LISTEN to “Ritual” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Utopia War on Facebook here.

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