Big Mess / Black Norse – Split

a0670449753_10 I, like many people, love the combination of doom and stoner metal because of how well it works and how versatile its sound can be. And lately, I’ve been meaning to look for a record with more emphasis on that versatility but it seems to have found me first in the split between the two intriguing bands of Big Mess and Black Norse.

Naturally when there’s a split you’re getting two bands of similar style but with each having their own unique sound, this case is no different. This split allows a great contrast between two bands’ takes on the stoner doom style that just from looking at that cover art alone you can see that it’s going to fuck with your mind at least a little bit. Big Mess represents the crunchier, more grinding sound with equal amounts of stoner elements mixed in to provide that ease alongside the monstrous presence that you are faced with the rest of the time. Then there’s Black Norse who executes the stoner pieces far better as they bring this slight psychedelic feel that makes a great pairing with the easy doom that is a great transition from Big Mess, as the split features three Big Mess tracks and then three Black Norse songs. These two together put on a hell of a performance, and even though I’m not crazy over it because in my eyes it needs a bit of tweaking I can be honest in telling you that this is entertaining to anyone who constantly goes through the metal underground like I do and find something of such intrigue as this.

This split shows definite potential, no question about that. Big Mess and Black Norse show that their own, unique takes on this well respected style can really attract some actual fans of the genre as it’s clear that, should they really put their minds to it, they could make something truly massive.

The split releases on May 21st!

LISTEN to 2 tracks off the album on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Big Mess on Facebook here.

LIKE Black Norse on Facebook here.

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