Suns of Thyme – Cascades

662_SOT_RGB Every music fan has a few select albums that they can just kick back to and listen to while chilling out. Whether it be some Rolling Stones or Cannibal Corpse, we all got something like that. I, for one, find that high with psychedelic rock the most simply because of how calm and transcending along with dynamic it can be. If you’re like that as well let me introduce you to Suns of Thyme who’s upcoming album, “Cascades”, will blow your fucking mind.

First thing I thought about 30 seconds into “Cascades” was how much it sounded like some casual rock music rooted in the 70s with its spectacular, groovy sound flowing more seamlessly than water through each and every track to the point where you’re just left stunned and amazed. With a whopping truck load of fourteen tracks on this album, you’ll be hard pressed to find something that doesn’t catch your fancy before you say “holy shit” to yourself in disbelief as a wave of oddly placed nostalgia goes over you and a satisfying chill runs through your whole body. The vocals have to be the key part of everything as they give “Cascades” that feel that you’re floating through space, the misty forest, the most remote and beautiful places in the universe, and so much more to give you a sense ecstasy that I hadn’t experience personally for too long a time. The psychedelic melodies mix wondrously well with the bass that brings unforgettable rhythms that will stick with you well after “Cascades” has finished, and the drums have a hypnotic beat in all of the songs that, given the chance, will leave a permanent mark on your psyche that you will cherish for forever. From start to finish, Suns of Thyme prove that the best of the unknown can come from the most unlikely of places, in this case Berlin, to give you something that can only be described as stunning.

“Cascades” is the quintessential piece of psychedelic rock in Europe at the moment without a doubt. I know that’s saying a lot with many other great bands of the genre spread throughout Europe at all times, but no other album comes even close to “Cascades” in terms of scope and sheer grandeur.

“Cascades” releases on May 27th!

PRE-ORDER “Cascades” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to the single “Intuition Unbound” via YouTube here or below.

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