Nervosa – Agony

664_Nervosa_RGB Thrash metal is like chocolate: it’s so fucking good that you just want to go back for more every time you get just a little bit because you just can’t get enough. But for me, too much of a good thing becomes dull overtime. So in order to keep my love for the genre, I take my thrash metal in relative small amounts, and my latest dose happens to be Nervosa’s upcoming “Agony”, and holy shit is it a marvelous dose.

From start to finish, “Agony” is a brilliant piece of modern thrash metal that embodies every single great thing there is about it. Each and everything single track off of this mammoth twelve track (bonus track included) contains face melting thrash metal that truly leaves no survivors in its awesome, powerful wake. Now, I’m not all that familiar with Nervosa but to my knowledge they’ve put out only one other album before “Agony”, and I feel safe in saying that this record kicks things up by one thousand steps. To top it all up as well, I was not aware this band is done all by women. Just thinking that is such an alien term in the world of metal, unfortunately, so just seeing such a thing in action and it being fucking ridiculous fills me with a strange sense of satisfaction for reasons I truly don’t know.  From smashing vocals, ripping guitars, a bass that grinds everything up it sees in an instant, and drums that leaves nothing  left to the imagination in the best way possible, Nervosa does not disappoint for even the most criticizing and irritating fans of thrash. Then there’s the fact that the whole of “Agony” itself is fucking magnificent track by track, chorus to chorus, riff to riff, and growl from growl.

The people who only want to hear the best of the mostly unknown bands out there in the world then you are going to want to absolutely check out this record. A real, true thrasher in its absolute entirety, “Agony” is made for thrash metal junkies who want to get their fix fulfilled, and this piece does the job beyond perfectly.

“Agony” releases on June 3rd!

PRE-ORDER “Agony” on iTunes here.

LISTEN to a preview for “Agony” via YouTube here or below.

LIKE Nervosa on Facebook here.

FOLLOW Nervosa on Twitter : @nervosathrash


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