The Order of Israfel – Red Robes

658_TOOI_CMYK Much like how a human needs food in order to survive, I need doom metal to help get me through the day. The last time I came across truly stunning doom was over six months ago, and I’ve been looking for a new record to get my fix on. And if you’re a like minded person then I ask you to sit down as I had and bask in the glorious doom that is The Order of Israfel’s upcoming album, “Red Robes”.

If you’ve never heard of The Order is Israfel before than that’s completely understandable because these gents have only been around since 2012 and have put out a single album from now to then. But if you’re the kind of person that believes in the “sophomore slump” or that bands who aren’t well known are such because they don’t sound good, prepare to be amazed. After listening to “Red Robes” my mind was so blown I wanted to hear what this band had created before, and let me just say that the step up in awesomeness and evolution as a band in not even 3 years is staggering in every fucking way. It’s so amazing to the point that “Red Robes” is the prime example of how uncompromisingly massive The Order of Israfel is as a band and how they can really take the doom scene by the throat and show that they are without a doubt one of the best Swedish doom bands on the scene for all to hear. With riffs that grip your whole psyche and don’t let go for even a moment, vocals that fit everything too perfectly, a bass that shreds through everything in its path, and drums that keep the perfect tempo, “Red Robes” is an extremely dynamic album made for any doom metal fan who has been looking for the next big thing.

The Order of Israfel is no doubt in my mind one of those bands that has undeniably got the potential to explode with popularity given the right circumstances. If you’re looking for the next best doom record that you will find in 2016, then look no further than “Red Robes”.

“Red Robes” releases on May 27th!

PRE-ORDER “Red Robes” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to the single “Von Sturmer” via YouTube here or below.

LIKE The Order of Israfel on Facebook here.


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