Jim Breuer and the Loud & Rowdy – Songs from the Garage

Cover (2) Who doesn’t love to laugh? Motherfuckers with dried up hearts the size of raisins and an eternal frown, that’s who. For the rest of us who love to be surrounded by humor, and metal for us particularly awesome folk, do I have something to show you today. The amalgamation of comedy and rock/metal has always been a special thing and it would be an understatement if I said this record didn’t sum up the style perfectly.

Jim Breuer and the Loud & Rowdy (let’s just go with Jim Breuer for short (no offense to the Loud & Rowdy)) in my eyes are right up there with bands such as Tenacious D when it comes to bringing a catchy metal sound that anyone who can listen to, especially those who don’t normally listen to metal, very easily, and then mixing that with witty comedy of all kinds makes this debut album a very fun piece that everyone can enjoy. Listening to “Songs from the Garage” you can tell that is made from the perspective of older metal heads who are now grown ups and settled down, and if anything that increases the levels of fun found throughout the record because while young people know how to have a damn good time, no one wants to cut loose more than a grown up who hasn’t had the chance to party for a while, and “Songs from the Garage” serves as an outlet to purge your need for a fucking great time. And if you’re wondering who would listen to this, the answer I have for you is anyone who doesn’t have a stick up their ass. This album is simply comedy plus metal in an equation that everyone can see, everyone can solve, and everyone can love the answer. Even motherfucking the legend of Brian goddamn Johnson (front man of AC/DC for those of you who don’t know your icons) loved this idea so much he’s featured on two separate tracks of “Songs from the Garage”, and if that’s not awesome then fuck what do I know? Then there’s the matter of the comedy that is top notch to say in the least and is done magnificently by the legit comedy himself, Jim Breuer, which all fits wondrously well with the care free rhythms and beats brought straight from the capable hands of the Loud & Rowdy.

A rip snorting good time for anyone who just wants to have a fuck ton of fun, “Songs from the Garage” has all the jams you could ever want or desire wrapped up in a delicious coating of metal. And seeing this as it is, a debut album, makes it all the more interesting to me to see what this funny bunch could do later on should they ever decide to do more records.

“Songs from the Garage” releases on May 27th!

PRE-ORDER “Songs from the Garage” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to the single “Thrash” via YouTube here or below.

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FOLLOW Jim Breuer on Twitter : @JimBreuer (no Loud & Rowdy page)


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