Starchitect – Results

a1239398139_10 I’ve never really been huge into prog metal because a lot of the time bands will go way beyond where they should in order to attempt to create something super magnificently awesome, but fail miserably. Sometimes, though, some talent does come out of sifting through trash after some time, and Starchitect is the first actual decent prog group I’ve come across in literally months.

Spread throughout this sophomore album are two very distinct things that you recognize as soon as you hear them: irresistable riffs and extremely unorthodox rhythms and sounds. I’m not really one for when a band uses their instruments to create an irregular rhythm or beat to spice things up a bit, but Starchitect make it work by mixing all that with riffs that reel you in and keep you interested in “Results”, which is something that I find to be disappointingly absent in a lot of prog metal, whenever I go looking that is. I’m far from loving this album as not everything lines up quite well from me down to the very sound of the vocals themselves, but every time I thought that I ultimately didn’t enjoy “Results” something else would immediately come up that I enjoyed to make the album very interesting and unique to me. It’s a piece that really keeps the listener guessing because no one could ever have any fucking idea what is going to happen next on a first listen, and that’s a feeling that we all know and love but Starchitect truly take it to the extreme with this record. That’s probably the main reason why I think this is a solid record and makes me think Starchitect sticks out among the rest because rarely does a prog band for me catchy my attention so well and keep it with an ever shifting sound and feel to make it very fun to listen to.

Progressive metal has it’s definite moments, and of all those moments “Results” has got to be the best one for quite a while that hardly anyone will hear, unfortunately. I implore you, if you are any sort of person that’s interested in getting a feel for truly dynamic progressive metal to check out Starchitect and see what majesty awaits you within “Results”.

LISTEN to “Results” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Starchitect on Facebook here.


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