For I Am King – Daemons

COVER_For_I_Am_King_Daemons It seems that just about everyone, myself included, who took a listen to For I Am King’s last single, “We All Have Demons”, wanted to hear more. This band is undeniably metal with plenty of elements from the various sub-genres, and with a female vocalist that knocks it out of the park every time. No one, however, is even close to prepared for what is coming with “Daemons”.

If you have been looking for an album made by a band you’ve never fucking heard of and you want that album to pack all the punches in the entire world while sounding fucking awesome at the same time, I beg of you to look no further than “Daemons”. To say For I Am King did a bang up job with this upcoming record is a gross understatement because each and every track off of “Daemons”, bar one interlude track, is a blast of true metal that really melts your fucking face off bit by bit with each and every note, chorus, and riff coming together to form this storm of intensity that after you’ve survived it you want to go back in again and again. The vocals are the thing that stand out the most because they just tear through every single song with a sound that’s reminiscent of death metal with their sheer brutality and intensity creating a magnificent feel, and the fact that they’re done by a woman leaves me all the more pleased. By the end of the album, though, “Daemons” proves that For I Am King are a band not to be trifled with, and are a band with a mission: bust out face melting metal that leaves no survivors, and so far the mission is a smashing success in so many ways.

With “Daemons” I can happily say that anyone who wanted to see For I Am King go nowhere but up will be more than happy to know that this record will hopefully put them on the map as a band that must be heard. This is a record not made for the weak, and will leave you only wanting more and more from this band every time you go through the album.

“Daemons” releases on June 17th!

PRE-ORDER “Daemons” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to the single “Breathe the Fire” via YouTube here or below.

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FOLLOW For I Am King on Twitter : @ForIAmKingBand


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