Sinful Lilly – Moment of Clarity Vol. 1

12661819_1083920601642408_6568194928979384578_n Rock has always been one of those genres that everybody wants to hear the next big band that started out as someone’s DIY project in their fuckin’ garage. The next Nirvana, if you will. While that’ll most likely never happen in today’s world, rock lover cannot deny that sense of fresh air from sprouting talent. That’s exactly what Sinful Lilly is to me.

Their new album, “Moment of Clarity” is such a piece of rock that you can definitely feel from just the sound alone that they had the same idea as many of us did when we were all children looking up to the greats of music: I wanna be a rock star (not you, though, Nickelback). You gotta have the attitude to match if you wanna aim for the top of rock, and if you ask me Sinful Lilly has definitely got that attitude with their blend of rock that’s a real waker-upper with the got nothing to lose energy that is brought through the whole album. However, with that being said I do have to mention one track being remarkably more mellow that the entire rest of the record, adding a great contrast that highlights yet another area of the rock genre that Sinful Lilly did a damn good job of accomplishing. In a nutshell though, “Moment of Clarity” is a great piece with transcending vocals, great guitars, a ridiculous bass, and an awesome set of drums that all come together to give you all that’s great about rock music done by a band that, even though they haven’t perfected the formula, know how to made top notch rock and make it enjoyable for everyone.

A band that could do so much I’ve no fucking doubt, Sinful Lilly get nothing but my approval from listening to “Moment of Clarity” alone. Just take my word for it when I say that if you enjoy DIY rock bands, then you’re gonna want to put Sinful Lilly somewhere on your fucking radar.

LISTEN to songs from “Moment of Clarity” on ReverbNation here.

LIKE Sinful Lilly on Facebook here.


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