Vindland – Hanter Savet

a1100449934_10 When it comes to black metal, I’m regrettably picky when I’m decided what I really like and what is good but I won’t ever come back to. I guess I just have certain things I’m looking for that can vary from band to band and album to album when it comes to my enjoyment. Vindland, thankfully, are one of those bands that manage to really grasp my attention and show that they really know how to make awesome black metal to where you can jam to it any day of the fucking week (for me, anyway).

In my defense from what you may have gathered from my above description of my tastes, I am proudly not a “kvlt” elitist and nowhere near. Just have certain tastes and respect all black metal that I’ve come across and sadly haven’t like it all, Vindland, though, are a whole new level entirely with their latest album, “Hanter Savet”. With a cold intensity that you can only find within black metal, “Hanter Savet” manage to achieve all sorts of awesome highs and lows that are extremely entertaining for any fan of the genre can get into with how harsh everything Vindland has put within this record. The vocals have that shrill sound to them that really grab you by the neck and never let go while the guitars with their impeccable rhythms that keep you interested for the entirety of the album, then the booming bass and ridiculous drums complete the set as with their addition everything becomes this real modern black metal sound that isn’t as watered down as many other black metal bands nowadays, but instead just not just brutal or calm enough to where you can easily listen to it and head bang at the same time should you so desire. Then if all that doesn’t catch your fancy then maybe the fact that Vindland is able to bring its sound from intense to a very entrancing calm that really entices the senses and succeeds in bringing you into the experience of “Hanter Savet” even more. That is a sign of a very talented band if I’ve ever seen one, and I have many, many times.

Vindland have truly done an outstanding job with this record in every physical way possible. They embody the intensity of the genre’s origins, the modern feel of the genre, and even elements of pagan black metal to give “Hanter Savet” a little spice and fanciness, and holy shit does all of that go a very long way.

LISTEN to “Hanter Savet” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Vindland on Facebook here.


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