Ocean of Grief – Fortress of My Dark Self

Cover (1) Death and doom metal are some of my favorite sub-genres of metal simply because of the overwhelming amount of bands between those two. Ocean of Grief, however, manage to be one of those few bands that combine the two to create this unique sound that can only be described as truly awesome.

“Fortress of My Dark Self” is a very solid EP of five tracks that consist of a great combination of melo-death and doom metal to the point where you get this real crushing mix that leaves no live behind. And to be completely honest, this isn’t the most brutal record I’ve heard and it’s cool to see how Ocean of Grief knew to hold back a little bit in terms of brutality, and in the end that led to a much better sound and feel to where you can listen to the whole record at once without feeling too overwhelmed by an extreme intensity that doesn’t sound good. But the deep, dark vocals fit the slower tempo of the guitars, crushing rhythms of the bass, and excellent pacing of the drums all come together to give you an experience that isn’t all that uncommon, but it’s rare enough in such quality that you cannot help but enjoy Ocean of Grief’s debut. There are plenty of things that this band could do to make themselves better just as any band who’s only put out one album can, but “Fortress of My Dark Self” show that these guys definitely have a strong grip on what they were going for, and if you ask me they got it down pretty fucking well and I can only applaud them for not being another cookie cutter band and instead taking a more interesting route.

A very solid piece through and through, Ocean of Grief, as I said, do a really good job at doing something that isn’t all that uncommon. And with time I’ve no doubt this Greek band can really find their place in this special, niche style of metal and truly make a name for themselves.

LISTEN to “Fortress of My Dark Self” on Bandcamp here.

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