Silvebones – Wild Waves

WW Cover When I see a cover like that I always get a little excited because I love so many thing about music with a sea theme to it. So upon looking at the art for Silverbones’ upcoming album, “Wild Waves”, I was hoping for something that was a real awesome metal trip, and in no way at all did this band disappoint me at all.

If you’re worried that I’m going to say Silverbones is a rip off of Alestorm then I’m more than glad to say that you would be wasting your time. “Wild Waves” is a great, balanced mix of power and heavy metal that feels very rooted in some good ol’ 80s metal with soaring vocals to match. Every single track off this record makes you feel like you’re really on the high seas with this swash-buckling group that knows how to bring some classic heavy metal to a world where the good recreations are very rare and only done by a select few bands in the entire world, and Silverbones definitely show that they have the potential to be one such group with “Wild Waves” alone. The whole record shows a brilliant display of the aforementioned classic heavy metal with a marvelous spread of melodies and rhythms pulled off by the harmonious sound of the guitars, bass, and drums coming together with the captivating vocals to give you an experience that tell of true pirate adventures that can really get everyone’s fancy, and Silverbones’ brand of heavy metal is the perfect catalyst for it.

An extremely solid record in every way imaginable, Silverbones hits it straight out of the park with “Wild Waves”. It’s a great adventure that you won’t forget any time soon and I can promise you that Silverbones aren’t going to impress us with this album alone, but hopefully with plenty of records that they’ll bust out in their career.

“Wild Waves” releases on July 15th!

LISTEN to three tracks off “Wild Waves” on Bandcamp here or below.

LIKE Silverbones on Facebook here.


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