Seedna – Forlorn

ArtworkfromDigipak1200 (1) The whole thing that is atmospheric black metal has always astounded me with all the different directions that it could possibly go. To the depths of the universe, the most serene places in existence, or the chaotic turmoil of a planet are all within the bounds of the genre, and if any band embodies that description perfectly it’d have to be Seedna without a doubt and they’re upcoming first full length, “Forlorn”, is a piece that shows mastery over such a well known and respected genre.

If you couldn’t tell from looking at that cover art alone, Seedna have a sound to them that is pretty goddamn ominous in every single way. “Forlorn” is made up of seven tracks that really know how to get under your skin and unnerve you just enough where you’ve obviously no idea to what’s going to happen next, and then once the black metal comes searing in all that which had gathered under your skin explodes outwards so that you are left exposed and defenseless against the vicious onslaught that is Seedna’s masterful display of their style. However, “Forlorn” does not just have an “on/off” switch for the intensity. These Swedes manage to find those magic sweet spots between the actual atmosphere and the black metal to create a transcending sound that really resonates through you and gives you this sense of enlightenment before you’re smacked back down into reality with the intensity that Seedna manages to execute flawlessly, along with transitioning between the calmer and more intense parts. Now, I also mentioned seven tracks. Not a whole lot, right? Fret not then my good friends, for “Forlorn” has got a whopping 61 minutes (just over an hour for you simpletons out there) under it massive fucking belt. The longest track, “Wander”, is the absolute longest (and best in my opinion) track on the whole record and truly shows how genius Seedna are because not a single dull moment can be found anywhere, the music never sounds monotone or repeats itself as it’s extremely dynamic, and immensely entertaining for both in depth indulgence and casual listening. “Forlorn” just manages to have a great, captivating sound throughout this entire record which allows them to flex their muscles as a band to show the world truly what these guys can do.

This record will not be Seedna’s first foray into the metal world, but I will be damned a thousand times over if “Forlorn” does not garner them even a fucking fraction of the respect and admiration this group deserve. “Forlorn” is without a doubt an atmospheric black metal opus that is a true gem amongst the underground scene in the whole world, and I truly feel sorry for any poor sap dumb enough to pass it up.

“Forlorn” releases on July 15th!

LISTEN to the track “Wander” via No Clean Singing here.

LIKE Seedna on Facebook here.


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