Sounds Like an Infection (self-titled)

a1051995545_10 I myself have always been fascinated with any form of instrumental music because, while vocals are a great and sometimes vital element of music, it’s the ultimate chill tunes for any occasion for me. So investigating the debut album of Sounds Like an Infection was a little bit of exciting for me because (1) that name sticks out like a sore thumb, and (2) instrumental rock is my favorite kind of instrumentals, and I can honestly say this band didn’t let me down at all.

Having a name like Sounds Like an Infection doesn’t exactly put a good thought in your head immediately, let’s be honest. I was just hoping the music itself wouldn’t sound like an infection. But the flamboyant and very abstract cover art gave me a little hope that there’s some genius behind this record and it was enough to prompt me to investigate. What ensued was an over hour long album that had so many outside influences other than just rock that affected the overall sound of the album to where no two tracks sound the same and you get an extremely intriguing mix every time. You can hear elements of jazz, fusions, a little bit of electronics, and a touch of experimental rock layered in a thick, rich coating of psychedelic rock that is far more prevalent than anything else. It all comes together weirdly well to give you this fresh, enrapturing feel that a band rarely pulls off, and if you think these tracks are quick with shorter lengths so you only get a few minutes to bask in Sounds Like and Infection’s transcending rhythms and beats, you’d be sorely mistaken. As I mentioned this album is over an hour long, yet it only contains eleven tracks with some being a short as three minutes with others stretching over ten fucking minutes long so there’s plenty of material to go around as you can see. And what kind of material is that? Excellent material, that’s what. Sounds Like an Infection defied my very initial expectations to give me something that I enjoyed for quite a while before I finally snapped out of it to write this shit so you can hopefully go and get the same enjoyment I did out of this wonderful piece.

Each note, riff, experimentation, and psychedelic twist breathed new life into this album just when you thought it couldn’t get anymore groovy or any better, which is something that every album needs but I’ve never seen it in such high density or quality from an underground band such as Sounds Like an Infection.

BUY “Sounds Like an Infection” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to “Sounds Like an Infection” on Bandcamp here.

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