Rotheads – Unfazed By Death

a3315569593_10 When it comes down to the old school, there just isn’t as much real talent from the real old school of death metal anymore. Too many times death metal bands will just say they’re old school when they’re fucking not just to appeal to another crowd of people altogether. But there’s still a good amount of bands out there that truly are from that unholy academy of death and disease, and the Romanian band of Rotheads definitely were and still are attendants of the old school.

Just by looking at that chaotic cover art alone you can really tell that what Rotheads were going for with their debut album, “Unfazed by Death”, and you can only imagine the level of hellfire and brimstone that goes on within the record without listening to it. And after the first two tracks you can really tell what you’re in for with this EP: an acidic blast of unrelenting, filthy death metal mixed with all things nasty, grotesque, and disgusting to give you a blast of madness the likes of which you hardly ever come across to such a degree in the world of metal anymore. Everything from the echoing vocals, indescribable notes of the guitars and bass, and the absolutely brutal pace of the drums come together within “Unfazed by Death” to truly shred any and every single piece within your ears to the point where by the end of the record your brains are a bloody mass of pulsing meat with little consciousness left, and that little bit only wants to hear more. Rotheads show that they know how to create some truly raw death metal that fans of the old school having been yearning for for so long, and “Unfazed by Death” is exactly what they’ve been wanting and more.

A vicious album in every possible way, Rotheads truly show they know what the fuck they are doing and how to do it. This two man band (yes, two man band) have a ways to go before they truly master the art of old school death metal, but they are definitely well on their way with “Unfazed by Death” being an extremely strong and brutal start.

LISTEN to “Unfazed by Death” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Rotheads on Facebook here.


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