Death Will Tremble – Mona

dwtMona I’ve always been enthralled by doom metal and all the different varieties of it that there are in the world, and with that it always keeps you on your toes because you’ll never know what you’ll hear next. Death Will Tremble definitely caught me off guard with this album, though, I have to say. Their unique blend of doom along with hardcore makes it a mix that packs a real punch, but with (for me) its own problems as every style does.

Death Will Tremble’s upcoming album, “Mona”, can only be described as an album mixed with hardcore and doom metal, as I said. The part that really does it for me out of those two has to be the doom metal as the guitars, bass, and drums all come together to create this really well done crunch that doom is widely known for and loved. Each track has that excellent grinding feel that a lot of doom pieces do time and again, and “Mona” doesn’t do a single thing wrong with continuing the awesome trend of heavy magnificence. The only problem I have throughout all six tracks is the hardcore side of it all, which pretty much only comes in with the vocals. Normally, I’m fine with that particular style of vocals as they typically match the rest of the band, but in the case of Death Will Tremble they don’t make the best match to my ears to the point where they conflict more than anything when they both go at the same time. Other than that though, “Mona” is undoubtedly a solid record in several ways because you’ll be able to listen to it all at once, finish it, then want to go back and listen to the whole thing again another three or four times simply because the album has that much awesomeness within it.

Front to back, Death Will Tremble do a very nice job at displaying their unique sound paired with a special style that is immensely entertaining. “Mona” marks the beginning for a very different band taking things from a different, pretty good angle that I can’t help but approve of.

“Mona” releases on May 13th!

LISTEN to the title track via YouTube here or below.

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