Feared – Reborn

feared_reborn_coverartwork Anyone who has followed these reviews for a fairly long time knows how big I am into Feared. They are easily my favorite death metal band on the fucking planet, but as with every fanboy’s band there’s always a certain few songs that we always find “eh…..no” despite everything else because fucking orgasmic. That’s how Feared’s first two albums are for me; good but could be much better. And as if to answer me directly on my shit talking, they have re-recorded select songs off of their first two records, “Rejects” and “Refeared”, in celebration of their 10th year as Feared which is more than a good enough reason for that, right?

The reason they decided to go an re-record certain tracks was because, according to guitarist and founder Ola Englund, “we always felt that the first two albums were not up to par with ‘Furor Incarnatus’, ‘Vinter’ and ‘Synder'”. That also includes the songs being remastered, remixed, done with “real drums” which I’ve no idea what that fucking means, better production; the whole nine yards done over again from scratch. “Reborn” features songs that I’ve come to know and love so I was able to listen to songs I’ve become extremely fond of, but on the other hand there are songs that I haven’t really enjoyed because they just weren’t good to me, simple as that. With “Reborn”, however, I got a completely new view of something old and let me tell you that Feared perfected every single fucking thing they could with this full on revamp album. Past rhythms that had no appeal now have an amazingly awesome, heavy crunch to them that have a much more crisp feel that the brand new mixing and mastering bring out every ounce of magnificence that could be squeezed out of the material to give you something that is truly worthy of the straight up legendary catalogue that Feared have garnered in their time as a band. And what do I think of the revisions of songs that I love? I do have to admit that I still love the originals more than the new versions, but the revamped records have an absolutely killer sound nonetheless and does nothing but justice for the original versions and I can definitely see anyone who didn’t like them before liking them now with their pure magnificence. “Reborn” truly feels like I’m rediscovering music I’ve never heard again even though it’s all familiar, I’ve heard it all before, but not like this and it just all comes together wondrously well more so than I ever imagined to give me something that I will definitely carry with me in my later years as a metal head.

A seminal album that has been the product of a hard working band burning the candles at both ends trying to create something that they and their fans can thoroughly enjoy, and as such a fan I can happily say that Feared have once again hit every single fucking nail on the head with “Reborn”. They go to show that even taking a few steps back can show how truly impressive you can be as a band before going forward, and going forward with this band is always filled with excitement and anticipation.

“Reborn” releases on June 3rd!

PRE-ORDER “Reborn” via iTunes here.

PRE-ORDER the CD for “Reborn” via Feared’s store here.

LISTEN to the new version of “Lords Resistance Army” via YouTube here or below.

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