Mother Feather (self-titled)

Mother_Feather_-_Mother_Feather In my spare time I’ve always somehow found myself attracted to the strangely weird side of music that isn’t put into the spotlight very often if at all because of how unorthodox and different it is. A lot of times, though, I distance myself from bands like Mother Feather because of how weird they seem the likes of which I don’t think would be for me. But much to my disbelief, Mother Feather’s upcoming self-titled album was an album that was both very different and very captivating.

The thing that was off putting about Mother Feather for me was the presentation. I’m not big into all the makeup and dress up and shit like that, and yet I love black metal and listen to Slipknot so go fuckin’ figure on me being somewhat of a hypocrite. But I decided to bite the bullet and investigate on their style of rock that they call “pop cock rock” which, in my pointless opinion, isn’t exactly the most appealing title for a style, but it definitely gets your attention be it good or not and gets your brain thinking about what the fuck that could possibly mean. Essentially, it’s just an amalgamation of the general idea behind glam metal with the catchy and easy listening of pop rock, and Mother Feather captures that amazingly well. Each and every track off of the upcoming album has an absolutely hypnotizing sound that grips every music loving part of your brain that the magnificent pairing of the guitars, bass, and drums entice with every passing moment with an upbeat tone to really get you going. Then the vocals come in the kind which the woman singing the lyrics knew the exact sound that was needed in order to make this album as intriguing and gripping as it is because everything from the rhythms and sound of the vocalist fit so fucking well that I’m still trying to think of a coherent way to explain why it sounds that good, but I don’t even know where to begin. All ten tracks off of this record have such a rich, feel good sound that carries through the whole album to make it very enjoyable for anyone who gives it a chance as I did, and I can almost promise you that you will find plenty to enjoy out of this record if you truly listen to all kinds of music and give Mother Feather a chance.

This is an exceedingly weird album from a very unorthodox band, but somehow it all works out for the absolute best with Mother Feather who have shown that even the weird, the unknown, and that a band who expresses their emotions however the fuck they want can make good music. And despite my first impressions, I’ve come to like this album very much and I’ve no doubt plenty others will once this album drops.

“Mother Feather” releases on May 13th!

PRE-ORDER “Mother Feather” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to the single, “Living, Breathing”, via YouTube here or below. (warning: exceedingly weird)

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FOLLOW Mother Feather on Twitter : @MOTHERFEATHER

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