Hellyeah – X (single)

1280x1255 No matter what you think of this group (super or not, doesn’t matter) you cannot deny the fact that ever since their debut album they have gotten drastically heavier. And for a lot of us, me included, that was a great thing to hear come out of musicians that were rooted in metal so it was cool as anything to see them go back to what made what who they are. Their last album, “Blood for Blood”, was excellent and their best record by far. And now that Hellyeah have released the second single off of their upcoming album, “Undeniable”, I can happily say I’m quite excited for this record.

The first single, “Human”, not bad. Had a good overall sound and was fairly heavy, and it was just overflowing with emotion which was unexpected but made it a pretty solid track in the end for me, but I was just wanting more. I wanted something more aggressive, fast, and with a full on in-your-fucking-face feel that was held throughout “Blood for Blood”. And Hellyeah’s second single of “X” has filled my curiosity to see them heavier and more intense one hundred percent to the max. The opening riff has real power to it that while it honestly probably isn’t the best riff to open with a song as it can sound a little “clunky”, it really draws your attention in until the [always] impeccable vocals slide in to create an escalated pace before you are thrust into this rhythm that is a true head banger of a rhythm that any metal head out there can appreciate, elitist or no. Then if that doesn’t get you into liking “X” then maybe the excellent anthem that is the chorus, hooks pulled off by the combination of the great sound between the drums, guitars, and bass combined, crunchy beats, and unrelenting lyrics will get you to think “this is some good shit”. Throw “X” together with “Human” and what you get is a pair of tracks that perfectly sum up where I can see Hellyeah going with their sound in the near future: a mix of real heaviness and intensity along with an extremely passionate and deep sense of emotion to really drive home the message of each and every track. If that is not a desirable destination for any of you then I will kindly ask you to stop bitching for a Mudvayne reunion or just to see this band break up then go sit in your corner and shut the fuck up because Hellyeah are a train that cannot be stopped, and “Undeniable” is shaping to be a real slap in the face and the best one possible.

This is as good a single that Hellyeah could possibly have put out to get fans excited for the record, and that’s exactly what they’ve done for me. I’m more than hyped for this record if you can’t tell. Do I think it’ll be better than “Blood for Blood”? No fucking clue. I’m just happy about how this band is returning to their metal roots and that this will see them venturing back into that intense genre we all know and love.

“Unden!able” releases on June 3rd!

PRE-ORDER “Unden!able” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to “X” via YouTube here or below.

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