Romuvos – Infront of Destiny

cover For the last five months I’ve been seriously deprived of this magnificent and magical drug that I’m a known junkie of: folk metal. I’ve heard and loved but 3 folk bands in that time (Whispered, Manegarm, and Black Kirin) that, while awesome, never satisfied my need for that jolly and fantastic style of metal. And out of the blue comes Romuvos’ magnificent sophomore album “Infront of Destiny” that wets my appetite for this style even more.

Now, when I say I like “folk metal” I don’t mean a band that uses a fuckin’ flute or a measly set of keyboards for the shortest amount of time (and not to mention when it’s only featured in only one track, goddamn it) and then never show up again. Fuck that! I mean something that constantly uses instruments known for folk metal and done so well I wanna make a toast with a wooden mug of mead, chant battle songs with my comrades, and really feel like I’m in some mythological or Tolkien shit. That’s what “Infront of Destiny” feels like to me. All eleven tracks aren’t as intense or fast as the cover art might lead you to believe, but this is undeniably folk metal and it is some of the best shit I’ve ever heard come out of a one man band. Every single song has a great, soft sound to it that makes it extremely easy to listen to (especially casually) with its smooth rhythms proving an impeccable flow throughout the entire album that can lead you from a calm chant after a storm to who fuckin’ knows what else you’re in for next. The vocals fit perfectly with the menagerie of instruments that are featured within “Infront of Destiny” (the names of which I couldn’t even begin to tell you) as they’ve got a deep and smooth sound to them that keeps the flow going, the atmosphere at absolute perfection, and everything at a level of consistent awesomeness that really makes this album what it is. Everything just fits perfectly together to make “Infront of Destiny” the end result that I cannot help but giving a raging thumbs to all fucking day long, and Romuvos prove to be an underground authority on how to make real, proper folk metal.

Each note of the guitar, each different instrument used perfectly, and each lyric is pulled off expertly well with “Infront of Destiny” to make it one of the most enjoyable folk records of its kind that I’ve ever come across, and I’ve gone through my fair share of folk metal in my days.

LISTEN to the track, “The Return Back Home”, via YouTube below.

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